This is Rick Whittell



Rick Whittell - from Sweden with English roots from Casterton, England

With a sensational career late in life after a life-threatening accident - collaborating with the best musicians in Sweden he went right up to the top on International Charts, though avoiding Spotify - focusing on melodic referenses from the 60´s and 70´s and lyrics about growing and achieving life quality and harmony, believing in yourself, taking the right choices in life and not be afraid of saying NO - when it´s nessecary!

Unique lyrics about what´s important in life ..

He´s filmed and written about in article in Sweden´s largest daily newspaper - his unusual musical journey led to his own radioprogram presenting his own music, life reflections and interviews with famous musicians. Today his songs have been played 2,5 million times on the net (without Spotify!), he has followers from more than 60 countries in all continents  and he still tops various international Singer Songwriter music charts

The career of Rick Whittell from 2018 -  2022 is sensational from being totally unknown retired "old" man to 21 chart toppers ...

Three albums, singles, radio aired in US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Europe, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Japan and other countries ..