Rick Whittell - from Sweden with English roots from Casterton, England

A sensational career started (2018) late in life after two life-threatening accidents - forced (by doctor) to try to play guitar to save injured hands, wrote a lot of songs,  collaborated with some of the best musicians in Sweden - then he sent some demos  to different global singer/songwriter/rock/pop sites and believe it or not - as many as 29 songs went right up to the top on International or Swedish Charts, avoiding Spotify - focusing on new songs with melodic referenses from the 60´s and 70´s and lyrics based on experiences from a long life - about life - to  believe in yourself, and make  the right choices/decisions and learn to say  YES or NO - when it´s nessecary.

He´s was filmed and written about in articles in Swedish/US papers - and aired in radio. Today his songs have been played 2,5 million times on the net (without Spotify..), he has followers from more than 60 countries and he has received thousands of messages, mail from music listeners all over the world but still relatively unknown in Sweden - his home 

He has released 5 albums 2018 -2024 with a top 2024 in June - with and a massive 2 CD special soft rock album "Who AM I" (38 songs) + a 1/CD album titled "Colours of Life" (18 songs). Each song completed with paintings by Camilla Sörwing in two booklets, included -  as well as all lyrics -  in the albums.  "Who Am I"  focus experiences from older people, not ususally participating/airied on radio, or social media. Rick Whittell is radio aired in a lot of countries US, Canada, Germany, Australia, Europe, Greece, Spain, Vietnam, Japan and many other countries  .. now we hope for Sweden 

A video presentation for Sweden